AR Try-on Technology For Footwear For App And Web.

Add AR try-on to your online store to bring the physical experience to the phone and grow your mobile sales.

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Get started in 2 steps


Select 3D models

Use 3D models you already have created or we can assist you in the 3D scanning process.

Integrate our tech

Integration takes 3-5 days. We provide you with technical documentation and integration support.
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AR try-on technology for footwear

Our 3D foot tracking technology is our proprietary IP, which is able to track human feet for AR applications, allowing for “on-foot” product visualisation.
Vyking’s foot tracking works seamlessly on any smartphone, for both feet with socks, shoes or barefoot.

Leverage our AR try-on tech on any platform

You can integrate Vyking's tech inside your app, your website and on WeChat




Android SDK


Coming Soon


WeChat Mini-program


Scan this code with WeChat to experience our Mini-program


Web AR Solution


Scan this QR Code with your smartphone to experience our WebAR product

Integrate Vyking’s technology and boost your mobile sales

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Double conversion rates

Customers trying on shoes virtually are twice more likely to purchase the item.

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Triple add to basket rates

Customers trying on shoes virtually are three times more likely to add the pair to their basket.

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Attract brand new customers

By adding Vyking’s AR try on technology, you attract new customers.

Vyking is the overwhelming choice of footwear brands because it is:



Support for iOS, Android and Web.

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Fast and stable

Unique IP underpinned by our own private datasets.

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Most lightweight

Most lightweight SDK on the market.

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Lighting estimation

Enhanced graphics blending with the real world.
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Sneaker Studio

Sneaker Studio is our online editing tool allowing you to:

  • Import your 3D models
  • Position them in 3D
  • Preview them inside Sneaker Studio’s companion app “SneakerKit”
  • Export and distribute your 3D assets rapidly for iOS, Android and Web at the same time
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“Vyking’s solution has transformed our customer experience with amazing results. We will be deploying over 4000 models for use with their system by the end of the year.”

Sherry Rui - AR Product Lead

100 K

Users per day enter AR module

3 x

Add to basket

65 sec

Seconds average time - Unique user

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